Getting Your Pet Ready to Fly Internationally

Getting Your Pet Ready to Fly Internationally
  • We under most circumstances require your pet no later than 8.30am the day prior to departure
  • When you drop your pet off to us, or we collect your pet, we require all of your pets documentation: Current vaccination Card, Any protocol paperwork provided earlier, Any small toys, favourite blanket or shirt that they sleep on, as well as Payment. Payment can be made either by cash, cheque, direct bank deposit or we except most credit cards (credit card payment incurs a further 3.5% bank fee surcharge)
  • At 8.30 – 9.00am we take your pet off to the government inspection vet who will inspect your pet as per the required protocol and provide any final treatments.


  • They then come back to our property and are taken to, either our kennel, cattery or avery. They have a big feed, play and rest prior to their flight. ( Much like when you go to the transit lounge at the airport )
  • Once your pet is comfortable we then go to the AQIS to obtain the export permit and make sure that all procedures are complied with.
  • It is at this point many private individuals fall into trouble, as many things can go wrong. By having Sherae Petlink as your agent, it can make all the difference in whether your pet can fly or is rejected to travel on that flight.
  • After this appointment we travel to our airfreight broker who holds your pets travel documents
  • By this time it is mid afternoon, in some cases other pet transport companies or private individuals have transported your pet in their vehicle for all of this time. With Sherae Petlink your pet is relaxing at our property with a full belly.
  • We arrive back to our office with all of the processed documents and label your pets crate, so it is ready for your pet to fly at the appointed time.
  • At the nominated flight time (that afternoon / or sometime the following day) we arrive with your pet at the airport. We lodge your pet with the airline, and finish any further airline documentation. Finally we place a seal on your pets crate so the door can not be opened, and make sure that your pet has a drink prior to their flight.
  • By the time we finish doing the above, they are due to be taken out to the plane and are loaded just prior to, or whilst the passengers are boarding, then take off …. New home here we come !!!!!!