Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels are full brick & have (an appox) 2 metre x 2 metre seperate sleeping quarters with their trampoline bed and blankets when required for the cooler weather.

The actual seperate kennel run area is is also very spacious covering an area( of approx ) 2 metres wide x 4 metres long. The kennel block is built on a hill and has a fully insulated roof. The sea breeze from the coast cools it very quickly in summer!

Out in front of the kennels we have some very large day runs, where the fur kids can get out and play ball or just have a chance to bask in the sunshine while cleaning is being done.

  1. Sherae Kennels and Cattery require all pets to be “UP TO DATE ON ALL VACCINATIONS” for entry. We also prefer that all dogs are done with Canine Cough to help avoid any nasties!
  2. It is very wise to tell us if your dog is either a climber or a jumper, to ensure that we can address this matter and decide what action is needed if any, (pending breed ).
  3. Your pets are cared for in here at “Sherae Boarding” by a wonderful crew of 5 ladies during the course of the week, seeing to all of their needs and giving them their cuddles.
  4. All pets on holiday here at Sherae Kennels and Cattery are maintained and fed on “EAGLE PACK SUPER PREMIUM” pet food with very special yummy added extras to tempt them. We can also treat pets with allergies very well, or even those with very sensitive tummies.
  5. If necessary your pets can also be relocated around the state / across the country / or to the other side of the world with our very efficient and professional “Pet Transport Team” right here at Sherae Petlink, which is owned and managed as a family business by Colin and Shirley, as well as Colin Chinnery Jr.
  6. We welcome intrastate or interstate visitors at all times, and will do airport pick up and drop off as required.
  7. We have access to Veterinary Services 24 hrs a day, for any unexpected emergency if ever one should arise.