Welcome to Sherae Kennels memorabilia collection, we hope that you enjoy your visit to our collectables corner. It has taken many years of love and dedication to source so many of these beautiful pieces. In our travels we have found pieces in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, America, and the U.K.

The team at Sherae Kennels are passionate collectors of Chow-Chow memorabilia. We have collected pieces from around the globe, including:

  • Chow-Chow Chess sets
  • Bronze statues and carvings
  • Porcelain statues
  • Decorated and painted wooden plaques
  • Collectable fine china plates, platters, cups and saucers
  • Engraved crystal and glass ornaments

I would like also to say a special thank you to a few very special people.

Firstly our special family in England – Robert and Maureen Dore “Perkychow “. We were both proud and honoured to inherit the magnificent heirlooms and pieces owned by them.

Some pieces in particular that were also owned by Joan Bennett, prior to her passing

Then Colin “Snr” and Colin “Jr ” for adding to the collection over the years, some special pieces that they loved themselves.

Friends have been fantastic, in helping the collection grow.

A very special thank you to Kath Spencer for her wonderful pieces hand made by herself.

Paul Loh we thank you also for the time and effort in the superb pieces, also hand made by yourself


The gallery below shows just a sample of our favourite pieces.