About Us

About Us


Family Owned and Operated

Sherae Kennels/Petlink is a family owned and operated business that has been involved in the Pet Transport industry since 1975. From dogs and cats to birds and guinea pigs, we can send your pet to just about every corner of the world!

Breeding and Showing dogs for over 40 years

The family of Sherae Kennels have also been Exhibiting and Breeding Chow Chow's since 1972 and Japanese Shiba Inu's from 1993 and welcome all Domestic and International enquiries regarding the breeds we have.

Your Pets Travel Agent to the World

Our caring team at Sherae Kennels/Petlink are your pets travel agent to the world, we know that your pet is not just a pet - It is a member of your family, no matter what they may be.

With knowing and understanding, we truly take your four legged family member's welfare into consideration and provide the utmost care and attention whilst they are in our care.

We can offer you and your pet a complete international and domestic pet travel service.


As mentioned on our home page, Sherae Kennels / Petlink is a family owned and operated business which commenced pet transport in 1975 by flying our first show quality puppies to their new homes interstate and overseas. We obtained our first Chow Chow from Sherle Kennels in 1972.

Colin Chinnery with his wife Shirley and children, Colin Dennis, together with his family, are one of the very few kennels and business which now cover generations of experience and not just years.

So it is with this knowledge, we can give you peace of mind that when you are traveling overseas or interstate with your pet, or your pet has to fly by themselves, you can trust that we will provide your pet the best of care and ensure and that the correct procedures are followed prior to your pet’s flight. To find out more on flying your pet to its destination, please Click Here to go to our Pet Transport page.

We at Sherae Kennels are breeders of top quality rough and smooth coat Chow Chows and Japanese Shiba Inus. Our first Chow Chow was purchased at Sherle Kennels here in Perth, Western Australia back in 1972.

Our first three Shiba Inus were purchased by Colin, and hand selected by Mr Ceasar Kadowaki in Japan and flown down to us in 1993.

In the many years which have past, we at Sherae Kennels have had many mile stones with our dogs since we first started.

A few highlights (not in any order) are:

  • Being the first kennel (in conjunction with Sherle Kennels) to import frozen semen from the U.S.A
  • Importing “Charlie” our Japanese Champion (CD)
  • Our first bitch which was from New Zealand was the first Chow Chow here in Western Australia to pass the national A.V.A – H.D scheme
  • We have bred, owned and/or exhibited over 38 champion Chow Chows under the Sherae name
  • A new generation of imported bloodlines have arrived to Sherae Kennels from Norway, Hawaii and England. We have personally imported from 6 countries to maintain our breeding programme.
  • The arrival of our beautiful Shiba Inu’s from Japan which are now making their mark around the world
  • Supply and sale of pet crates

So the Sherae Kennel story will continue…..