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Full rear airconditioning for your pet's comfort

This page covers most of the questions which could or will be raised when you fly your pet overseas or within Australia, topics on this page include:

If your pet requires to fly Overseas or Interstate from Perth, Western Australia, you can only trust the best to care for your four legged family member and ensure that the correct procedures are followed to fly to its new home.

Our experience in the pet transport industry dates back from us sending our first babies off to their new homes in 1975 till today, where we send clients pets to all points of the globe nearly every day of the week.

Sherae Petlink is the answer to your pet travel needs. Sherae Petlink handle all aspects of your pet's travel and we deal with all sorts of animals, from the small to the large and the weird to the wonderful!

Fluffy, furry, feathered, finned, floating or fancy family member will be in excellent hands and cared for by caring and friendly staff. We are all true animal lovers.

Sherae Petlink is:

  • A member of Australian and International pet transport networks
  • A regulated agent of DOTARS
  • Has been established since 1975.
  • Sherae Petlink is a registered member of IPATA

What Our Services Include

We can offer you and your pet a complete International and Domestic pet travel service, inclusive of:

  • Full quotations for your pets travel
  • Flight reservation/booking for your pet
  • Completing all AQIS veterinary treatments and inspection for international travel
  • Obtaining the AQIS export clearance permit
  • Boarding your pet prior to they travel
  • Airport lodgement/collection service
  • Supply and sale of pet crates
  • Peace of mind in that Sherae Petlink is airport security registered with DOTARS
  • Sherae Petlink is a member of the international IPATA pet transport association
  • Sherae Kennels is a member of the Canine Association of W.A.

What Is Involved In Flying My Pet Overseas?

We understand that trying to fly your pet overseas, aswell personally dealing moving your furniture and effects can be so stressful with or without children. We at Sherae Petlink will help take some of your stress away by providing a full service, from collecting your pet from your door to it arriving at your nominated destination. We also in many countries can get your pet delivered to the door over there aswell. As we are members of IPATA.

We understand that the general talk or paperwork which you may have received in your research, to see what is involved in flying your pet overseas, may lead you to believe that it is all to hard and reads as double dutch. We at Sherae Petlink will help guide you in understanding the procedures which have been laid down.

We understand your emotions, which may swell up as you hand over your baby to us which is to be sent off to a new home in another country. We can not provide the care mum and dad has given but we promise that with our caring and very experienced staff will be a close second.

The price in flying your pet overseas can be alot more expensive than it already is if it is not done correctly.

The country of destination may require many tests to be completed. The airlines charge volumetric weight (the size of the crate) and not the dead weight (the weight of the pet and the crate). If the incorrect routing is done, transit fees may be charged unnecessarily. These are just a few hurdles which may be encountered if you don't have an experienced team working with you. Just one slip up can cost alot of money unnecessarily. We at Sherae Petlink have a proven record and a great reputation in this industry and is shown by lasting the test of time.

By using Sherae Petlink service as your pets travel agent it will, in many cases cost nothing.

We pass all of our bulk discounts in fees - costs and charges onto you, thereby the difference between what you would be charged at a retail level plus the time in running around, the possibility of running into procedure/protocol problems, by using an incorrect crate and incorrect routing, on top of the new security protocol laid down since September 11 adds up to why even bother thinking of trying to do it all yourself or using people who may not be recognized in the industry.

Pet Boarding Prior To Departure

Your pets will be looked after by our caring team here at Sherae as if they were our own. As Breeder / Exhibitors for 35 yrs now, & the only show dog people in the industry here now in Perth, we know what your pet requirements are. Our brick kennels are spacious and are in an ideal garden setting. They are cool in Summer and plenty of room to stretch out. We at SHERAE - PETLINK, pride ourselves in our very hygienic / quarantine style facility, and are at your pets service. Small toy breeds are kept in our air-conditioned Nursery if so warranted , or anything that is a little bit highly stressed .
Veterinary treatment is at hand 24 hrs a day if required. Someone is here in attendance almost 24 hrs a day ox 7 days a week. Only top quality premium foods are fed to our 4 legged customers / passengers, while waiting to fly .

The Cats that are to be flown by our company SHERAE - PETLINK are kept separate from the dogs and reside at Angels Rest, in our Family Cattery which is a 5 minute walk from the kennels. Once again , they are living in a lovely garden setting with quiet surrounds with the comforts of home. Extra large & very spacious cat runs with their own Sleeping Quarters, Chairs - Pillows - Tree Trunks & Scratching Posts etc. All diets are catered for. Natural homeopathic treatments & remedies available . Qualified - Certified Reiki masters in attendance.

Getting My Pet Ready To Fly Overseas

  • As mentioned we under most circumstances require your pet no later than 8.30am the day prior to departure
  • When you drop your pet off to us or we collect your pet, we require all of your pets documentation: Current vaccination Card, Any protocol paperwork provide earlier, Any small toys, favourite blanket or shirt they sleep on and Payment. Payment can be made either by cash, cheque, direct bank deposit or we except most credit cards (credit card payment incurs a further 3.5% bank fee surcharge)
  • At 8.30 - 9.00am we take your pet off to the government inspection vet who will inspected your pet as per the required protocol and provide any final treatments.
  • They then come back to our property and are taken to, either our kennel, cattery or avery. They have a big feed, play and rest prior to their flight. (Like when you go to the transit lounge at the airport)
  • Once your pet is comfortable we then go to the AQIS to obtain the export permit and make sure that all procedures are complied with.
  • It is at this point many private individuals fall into trouble, as many things can go wrong. By having Sherae Petlink as your agent can make all the difference in whether your pet can fly or is rejected to travel on that flight.
  • After this appointment we travel to our airfreight broker who holds your pets travel documents
  • By this time it is mid afternoon, in some cases other pet transport companies or private individuals have transported your pet in their vehicle for all of this time. With Sherae Petlink your pet is relaxing at our property with a full belly.
  • We arrive back to our office with all of the processed documents and label your pets crate, so it is ready for your pet to fly at the appointed time.
  • At the nominated flight time (that afternoon / or sometime the following day) we arrive with your pet at the airport, we lodge your pet with the airline finish any further airline documentation and as a final thing place a seal on your pets crate so the door can not be opened and make sure they have a drink prior to their flight.
  • By time we finish doing the above they are due to be taken out to the plane and are loaded just prior to or whilst the passengers are boarding, then take off .... New home here we come !!!!!!

What Is Involved In Flying My Pet Interstate or Within WA?

Sherae Petlink's domestic operations are somewhat different to you sending your pet inter or intrastate directly with the airline. Sherae Petlink has a wholesale rate with the airline and we pass this discount airfreight rate onto you and only charge a small account fee. By operating this way we can save you hundreds of dollars, depending on your pets type and size.

Getting Ready To Fly

  • When you drop your pet off to us or we collect your pet, we require any of your pets documentation which you would like to send as well as any small toys, favourite blanket or shirt they sleep on
  • At the nominated flight time (and 1 & 1/2 hours prior to departure) you or Sherae Petlink will arrive with your pet at the airport, you or Sherae Petlink will lodge your pet with the airline, finish any further airline documentation and as a final thing place a seal on your pets crate so the door can not be opened and make sure they have a drink prior to their flight
  • By time this has been done they are due to be taken out to the plane and are loaded just prior to or whilst the passengers are boarding, then take off.... New home here we come!!!!!!

We at Sherae Petlink hope that the information provided above helps answer any questions that you may have about flying your pet and we hope to hear from you soon.


Angels Rest - Cattery

Is a boarding cattery with a difference, in that we provide natural therapies to our guests and their families.

Kimberley, Colin and their family cater for short term holiday stays as well as specialising in long term cat boarding for clients who are moving overseas or are planning to enter the UK with their feline family member under the UK Pet Passport Scheme. Kimberley and Colin have had many guests stay with them for over 2 years.

Each individual run is 2 x 2.5m in size which contains an extra large bed box, a walking ramp and plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Our guests are also more them welcome to bring any personal possessions to help aid in their comfort and relaxation during their stay aswell.

As a final note Angels Rest also caters for the feathered family members by having several 2 x 2.5m purpose built aviaries.









29 Battersea Rd, Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155
Phone: +61 (08) 9455-1249 - Fax: +61 (08) 9455-2594